New Member Requirements

New Member enrollment period will open August 8, 2018 applications for the 2018-2019 League year will be available then for the Fall 2018 new member class.  Below are details for  New member requirements as an example.

Requirements for New Members ensure their direct involvement in the community and participation in the financial well-being of the League. For successful completion of the New Member course in the 2018-2019 League year, New Members are required to participate in the events and activities below. Some are specific to the New Member Course and others are League-wide. Additionally, each New Member will be assigned a Mentor.  New Member Mentors are the primary resource for New Members and offer guidance on the completion of requirements.

Requirements for Fall 2018 New Members:

  • Application and Dues: New Members must submit an application and pay dues of $84.50 (includes new member dues and registration fee) by December 2018.
  • Attend ALL New Member Training Sessions including one all-day Saturday  training session/retreat (mandatory)
  • Attend two (2) General Membership Meetings (GMMs) in the fall: GMMs relate to JLLB business and have an agenda set by the Board of Directors. The meeting schedule for the 2018-19 League year will be posted on the website.
  • Complete six (6) Service Hours during the JLLB fiscal year: Project Hours are worked or items donated toward JLLB community service programming.  Fundraising Hours are hours worked or items or cash donated toward specific fund development activities.
  • Fundraising: New Members are expected to sell or purchase tickets to support our fundraisers, at a minimum of $100 during the JLLB fiscal year.
  • Annual Dinner: New Members are welcomed into the League as active members in January.  The League year ends with this meeting usually held in May, and attendance is strongly encouraged. Attendance at the Annual Dinner earns one (1) GMM Credit.

New Members must complete all New Member Course requirements within the given time frame in order to be placed on an active committee and attain active membership status in the 2018-2019 League year. Unfulfilled New Member requirements may necessitate the repetition of the New Member Course.