Confidence Post

We are a group of passionate community leaders, educators, parents and friends that hear the call, both silent and through words and actions of generations of children and young adults growing up without a true understanding of their unique beauty. We feel compelled to speak to this generation in stories, videos, pictures and blog posts to highlight what makes each person distinct and irreplaceable. Our hope is that we as a society see how those traits are actually what connects us all. The creators of this movement hope that this kind of empowerment will create ripples across neighborhoods, schools, cities, states, and hopefully the world, knowing that when we give the gift of self-esteem, meaning and purpose to a young person, the sky is the limit for our human kind potential.

The Confidence Post is powered by Junior League of Long Beach, a nonprofit organization located in Long Beach, California. For over 80 years, Junior League of Long Beach (JLLB) has been the driving force behind the kinds of initiatives and institutions that make our community a healthier, more vital place to live.