The Junior League of Long Beach Self-Esteem Community Program is proud to present Especially Me! A free self-esteem workshop series for youth between the ages of 8-18. The goal of Especially Me! is to instill the idea in each girl that she is unique and special. Participants will learn skills to help them increase their happiness and confidence, make good decisions, be assertive, express themselves, and help them develop a stronger sense of self.


  • Self-Esteem: What is it? How do we get it? What can we do to increase self-esteem?
  • Body Awareness and Puberty: Changes to your body & menstrual cycles and includes a free book
  • Goal Setting: What is a goal? How to achieve goals?
  • Decision Making & Assertiveness: Making good choices
  • Anti-bullying: What is bullying? How to identify bullying and protect yourself?
  • Safety Tips and Awareness presented by the Long Beach Police Department
  • Mental Health Awareness and Coping Skills: Learn about your mental health and how to cope

If you’re interested in learning more about this free online community programming and would like to participate in our future workshops, please email JLLB Self-Esteem chair, Jennifer Hall at

Check Out Our Upcoming Events

  • October 15, 2022 – Especially Me! Workshop @ Spark at Midtown

  • February 18, 2023 – Especially Me! Workshop @ Avalon K-12
  • March 18, 2023 – Especially Me! Workshop @ Billie Jean King Main Library
  • May 7, 2023 – Especially Me! Prom Prep Workshop @ Spark at Midtown