Position Statements

CalSPAC is committed to ensuring that all children and young adults receive
educational opportunities that are developmentally appropriate, increase
achievement, and lead to workplace marketability.

Family Support
CalSPAC is committed to advocating for programs and policies that promote the
physical and emotional well-being of all families.

CalSPAC is committed to advocating for better access to quality health care and
prevention programs that will improve mental and physical health of our
community members.

Violence Prevention
CalSPAC is committed to addressing the impact of violence in our communities
through prevention, intervention and education.

Human Trafficking
CalSPAC is committed to ending human trafficking in all its forms. CalSPAC
supports policies and programs that stop human trafficking, advocate for victims,
and educate the community at large.

Adolescent Pregnancy
The Junior League of Long Beach is committed to addressing the problem of
adolescent pregnancy and will advocate for programs and legislation which seek
to prevent unintended adolescent pregnancies, and which answer the
educational, social and medical needs of those affected by it.

The Junior League of Long Beach is committed to ensuring that children have all
the opportunities, resources, and services necessary for their physical, emotional,
mental, social, and economic welfare. We will direct our efforts to see that these
needs are met, through individual involvement, project and/or committee work,
and advocacy efforts.

Cultural Heritage
In keeping with the past positions of advocacy and participation, it is desirable
and valuable that the Junior League of Long Beach continues to monitor and,
when appropriate, involve its membership in the significant cultural heritage
issues of Long Beach. In so doing, the membership is offered the opportunity of
joining with other community leaders in an effort to preserve both the
architectural and cultural treasures, which document the beauty and historically
important past of Long Beach.

The Junior League of Long Beach is committed to the development and support
of programs and projects that provide services and resources to the needy and
homeless population in our community. We may also support appropriate local,
state, and federal legislation created to alleviate the problem of homelessness.

Substance Abuse
The Junior League of Long Beach recognizes the existence of an escalating
problem of substance abuse. This necessitates the commitment of the
membership to support the following: education, prevention, treatment,
legislation, rehabilitation, and advocacy.

Junior League of Long Beach Impact Statement
The Junior League of Long Beach will work with community partners to
increase confidence and self-awareness among youth through character
development and life skills programs designed to encourage respect for self
and others.