Member Spotlight – October 2019

Name: Joanna Schmitt

Current Placement in the JLLB? Treasurer-Elect

How many years have you been in the League? This is my 4th active year, including my first active year with Junior League of Brooklyn, NY.

Why did you join the JLLB? To meet like-minded women and volunteer within the community.  I was attracted to the structure of Junior League and the reputation for getting things done.

Are you born and raised in Long Beach? If not where from and how did your path lead you here? I was born and raised in Wichita Falls, TX.  I moved to Southern California after college and lived in several cities but fell in love with Long Beach.  I moved to New York for a few years but when I came back to California, I knew I wanted to put down roots in Long Beach because it’s such a special community.

What do you do outside the League? Tell us all your jobs both professional and other places you volunteer. Currently in a career transition but doing some contracted Digital Content Marketing work for some local SoCal brands.

What keeps you staying in the JLLB? What we like to call #WhyiJLLB #ThisIsWhyIJuniorLeague A sense of belonging, the desire to continue to grow personally and professionally, and seeing the impact on the community that I love.

What is your Favorite Long Beach Restaurant? It’s a tie between George’s Greek Cafe & SuperMex.

What is your Favorite movie of all time? Remember the Titans

What are your hobbies / what do you like to do for fun? Play volleyball, watch football (#CowboysNation) and pretty much all of USC’s sports (Fight on!), spend time with friends (at Disney or anywhere else), and go on walks with my dog, Dory, and girlfriend, Lani.