Member Spotlight – November 2021

Full Name: Julia Quang

Current Placement(s) in the JLLB? Self-Esteem Committee

What year did you join the JLLB? How many years is that?
I was part of the inaugural Virtual New Member Class, Spring 2021 – less than one year! 

Where did you go to school and what degrees do you hold?
University of Southern California – MBA Candidate at Marshall School of Business (Expected May 2022) 
DePaul University, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

What do you do outside the League as a job? Tell us all your jobs both professional and other places you volunteer.
I work as an Accounting Manager at McMaster-Carr. I used to volunteer at Chicago Cares and love to do charity runs. I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2018 for Chicago PAWS, a no-kill shelter for animals.  

Which city did you grow up in and how’d you end up in Long Beach?
I am originally from Chicago, and spent my entire life there until my work relocated me to CA in January 2019. After moving around the LA area, from Pasadena to Culver City, we settled in the Belmont Park neighborhood in Long Beach in August 2020. The majority of my time in CA has been during the pandemic.Why did you join the JLLB?
I joined the JLLB to meet members of the Long Beach community and to make new friends! I also used to volunteer quite a bit in Chicago, so I wanted to do the same and give back to the community where I now call home!What do you enjoy about membership in the JLLB?
I have enjoyed getting to know several members of the JLLB and seeing the direct impact you make when you volunteer. I was told that there are times you get a moment that can warm your heart when you are volunteering, and I already have had multiple instances of that in my short time with the league!

What are your hobbies / what do you like to do for fun?
I like to spend time with my family and my two shiba inus, work-out/weight-lift, reading (currently enjoying sci-fi and fantasy), exploring CA’s wine regions, and learning to play tennis!

Unique fun fact about you?
My goal is to visit all 50 states. I have been to 38 states, so only 12 more to go! As proof that I have been to the state, I collect a squished penny from each state, thus containing a fun story or memory attached to it! I have over a hundred squished pennies collected at the moment. Feel free to ask me about my squished penny collection!