Member Spotlight – July 2021

Christine MacDonald aka CMAC is the Self-Esteem Committee Chair.  She transferred into JLLB in the Summer of 2017, 4 years ago, from the San Francisco League where she served from 2015 to 2017. Christine attended the University of Texas in Austin and obtained her bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She then attended the University of San Francisco School of Law and has a Juris Doctor (JD) and is a licensed attorney. Christine works at the Children’s Law Center of California as an attorney for foster youth, ages 18-21 years old, in LA county representing young adults in their foster care cases with the Department of Children and Family Services. She also volunteers on the Board of Directors for a nonprofit in Long Beach called Long Beach Community Action Partnership (LBCAP).

Christine grew up in Austin,Texas and moved to California in 2011 to attend law school. After a few years in San Francisco, she moved to Long Beach for a change of pace and a new job. She transferred to the League in Long Beach to make connections with other women in the community and find ways to give back. Christine says she has always been passionate about volunteering, enjoys having a full life and the League has always been a compliment to helping her connect, while growing as an individual.  “I enjoy working with other women to create tangible products that have measured impact in our community. I know the answer to every question is almost always: I bet there’s someone in Junior League who can help with that! Doesn’t matter if it’s navigating the workforce, looking for fun leisure activities, or finding the best hairdresser in town, women in the League will always know where you should turn and be happy to make the connection for you!”  Christine is also a HUGE football fan, both college and NFL.  Most weekends, you can find her in either her Texas Longhorns or Dallas Cowboys hat, walking their rescue dog AJ with her boyfriend and enjoying coffee in Alamitos Beach. She loves crushing rides on her Peloton and doing Yoga at the Bluff. She also loves reading and is always open to new book suggestions!   She also attributes all the amazing things in her life to the fact that she has been sober since May 19, 2013.