Member Spotlight – February 2021

– Full Name: Ashley Hopkins
– Current Placement(s) in the JLLB? Leadership Training Committee Member
– What year did you join the JLLB? How many years is that? I joined in 2013. This is my 8th year in the League.
– Where did you go to school and what degrees do you hold? I hold a BA in Anthropology from CSULB.
– What do you do outside the League as a job? Tell us all your jobs both professional and other places you volunteer. I’m the Executive Assistant to the CEO of AuditBoard, a software company located in Cerritos. Prior to AuditBoard, I was an EA at investment firm Guggenheim Partners for nearly 10 years.
– Which city did you grow up in and how’d you end up in Long Beach? I was born and raised in Long Beach. After college, I moved to NYC for three years before moving back to southern California with my husband, Peter. Our jobs were split between LA and OC, so Long Beach was the perfect place for us to live. 
– Why did you join the JLLB? When I moved back to Long Beach, I was really interested in joining a volunteer organization but didn’t know where to start. My aunt, who is a JLLB sustainer, suggested I go to a JLLB mixer to find out more about the League since it had been a great experience for her. I went and learned that JLLB checked off many boxes for me: I could give back to my community, have opportunities to grow my skill set, and meet other LB women. I was in! 
– What do you enjoy about membership in the JLLB? I find so much value in the many hands-on opportunities I get as a member, as well as being able to know and learn from so many outstanding women. It’s a lot of fun!
– What are your hobbies / what do you like to do for fun? I enjoy being active and spend a lot of time running, doing yoga, or going on walks with my kids. Before Covid, I also played volleyball weekly and can’t wait to get back on the court with my team. Most of all, I love to spend time with my family and friends. 
– Unique fun fact about you? I’m a CODA, a child of deaf adults, and I’m fluent in American Sign Language.