Member Spotlight Review

The Junior League of Long Beach is fortunate to have a dedicated, compassionate and diverse membership. We celebrate our members each month by spotlighting a different woman that is bringing change, hope and love to the community of Long Beach.






October 2018 Ashleigh Ruhl July-August 2018 Arlene Luna
September 2018 Arlene Luna May 2018 Casey Haack
December 2018 Summer Smith April 2018 Amanda Earnest
March 2019 Kami Riley March 2018 Jessica Widdup
September 2019 Jessica Martone February 2018 Marti Brown
October 2019 Joanna Schmitt January 2018 Heather Brel
November 2019 Jessica Ponce December 2017 Allison Anderson
December 2019 Jillian Scholten November 2017 Belkys Martin
February 2020 Leslie Martinez October 2017 Kamilah Holmes
March 2020 Cameron Hernandez September 2017 Susie Ahearn
May 2020 Susan Smalley July 2017 MayLynn Sally
July 2020 Nisha Varghese June 2017 Chrystal Cooledge
(formerly Colbert)
August 2020 Marina Pellegrini
September 2020 Angela Tarango
October 2020 Bridget McCann
November 2020 Francine Odee
December 2020 Cheli Nye
February 2021 Ashley Hopkins