Current Month Spotlight


Name: Jenny Shirbroun

Current Placement: Self Esteem Committee Chair
Years in the League:  3 years
Why You Joined: I wanted an opportunity to volunteer in the community and make a difference here in Long Beach.  I also wanted a way to feel more connected to our great city.
What You Do Outside of the League: I have a husband and 2 daughters (10 and 7) who keep me busy.  We like to try to find something fun to do as often as we can.  I also work full time as a corporate training manager for a construction products distributor.
An Interesting Fact You’d Like to Share:  The population of the towns I grew up in in Northern California ranged from about 1,500 to 3,500 people.  That’s are smaller than the student population of some of the high schools in Long Beach!


One of Your Favorite Websites and Why:  If you go strictly by my browser history, it would be (in order) Amazon followed closely by Google.  My favorite website based on what I love has to be the site for my younger sister’s bakery in Santa Cruz CA –  Definitely go check it out if you have the time.