Current Month Spotlight


Name:  Eda Obey

Current Placement: Social Media
Years in the League:  One Active Year
Why You Joined:  My friend Sarah Garcia kept talking about how cool junior league was, and how amazing the women of Junior League were. I joined to contribute regularly to my local community. I also have been inspired by how the league teaches us to find our voice and our skills to make a real change in our in our world.
What You Do Outside of the League:  I am a massage therapist and children’s book writer. I love yoga and walking my dog. I’m a band wife, and have spent the last 16 years lugging music equipment and going to seedy bars to support my husband. It’s been weird but fun.
An Interesting Fact You’d Like to Share:  Your skin is the largest organ.

One of Your Favorite Websites and Why: usually just for laughs, but I catch some really interesting journalism pieces in there. The article that blew me away was the time one of their writers read the entire run of Al Qaeda’s glossy recruiting magazines and profiled the utopia they were offering if you joined the cause. Mind Blowing!