Current Month Spotlight

It is my pleasure to introduce to you, this month’s Member Spotlight, Ashleigh Ruhl. I wanted to highlight Ashleigh this month, because not only has she agreed to a double placement, her two placements are BOTH leadership roles! Additionally, I want to highlight the work of the Community Programming Task Force, in order to “connect the dots” for our membership so that we can learn about the goals of this ad hoc committee and see the work going in to achieving those objectives.

Part of the Task Force’s efforts so far included hosting a successful Community Forum last month as a way to raise awareness about what we do, collect feedback about local needs and build partnerships with different leaders. We had more than 30 enthusiastic people — representing city departments, private businesses and other nonprofits — come together for the luncheon event to share their valuable ideas and provide guidance for us to keep doing the most good we can for Long Beach.

Keep up the great work, Ashleigh!

Name:    Ashleigh Ruhl

Current Placement:   Chair, Community Programming Task Force
& Leadership Training

I’m privileged to chair the Junior League’s Community Programming Task Force, an ad hoc committee formed this year to take a look at the volunteer opportunities we currently offer our members within the scope of the League’s impact area of self-esteem. The League created a five-year programming plan that has expired, so it’s time to evaluate how we’re doing and propose potential refreshes that ensure we continue doing relevant, needed work that our members value.

Double-placed, I’m also honored to be co-chairing the Junior League’s Leadership Training Committee with Voula Contos. Our dedicated committee plans and implements several different events designed specifically for chairs and board members to develop and sharpen their skills to best serve the League and the public.

Years in the League: This is my seventh year.

Why You Joined:

Someone asked me if I wanted to join the Junior League at just the right moment. At the time, I was fresh from Colorado and needed to make friends and connect with Long Beach. I also knew I wanted to contribute to a charitable cause.

What’s kept me in the Junior League are the wonderful women in this organization who’ve become some of my very best friends.

And although it wasn’t why I joined the League, I’ve been so surprised by how much I love the training opportunities this League offers its members. I’ve challenged myself with different committee, chair and board placements, and I’ve learned so much from so many incredible people and the experiences we’ve shared.