Current Month Spotlight


Name: Allison Anderson

Current Placement: Arrangements and Leadership Training Committee Member 
Years in the League:   4th Active Year
Why You Joined:    When I joined, I had been looking for new ways to get involved in my hometown that I love so much. I was going through my self-diagnosed “quarter-life crisis” and wanting to branch out and meet new people. I was instantly in love with the mission of the JLLB and the focus on self-esteem building for 5th-8th graders really struck a chord with me. I went to one mixer and met so many inspiring, awesome ladies that I joined on the spot!

What You Do Outside of the League:  For work, I am the Programs Manager for the Bob Hope USO. I get to work with great people to serve our troops and their family members (and put a lot of my good JLLB training to use)! For play, I like to try new restaurants and breweries, spend time with family and friends, and rewatch “Gilmore Girls” for at least the 100th time.

An Interesting Fact You’d Like to Share:  My wildest dream would be to star on Saturday Night Live. I’ve always REALLY liked to make people laugh. As a happy medium,  I created a bucket list specifically to add “attend a taping of Saturday Night Live” to it and I intend to check it off very soon!

One of Your Favorite Websites and Why:  I am addicted to the quizzes and the silly articles. It’s totally my guilty pleasure and helps me unwind and usually laugh out loud after a long day.