Current Month Spotlight


Name: Kamilah Holmes

Current Placement: Research & Development
Years in the League:   5 years
Why You Joined: I’m a transfer from the Bakersfield chapter. At the time I joined, I was new to town, didn’t know anybody or have any connections in Bakersfield. I felt really isolated and it wasn’t the friendliest town. At somebody’s suggestion, I looked up the Bakersfield chapter(JLB) website. They had a really cool program called GAP that interested me. When I called about their info session, somebody got back to me right away which hadn’t been my experience with others in town. The members at the info session seemed really warm and welcoming so I joined.

What You Do Outside of the League:  I do a lot of volunteering. Right now I’m on a couple of church committees , the board of a head start, and I’m doing a pro bono guardianship case. I also like to play tennis and surf.

An Interesting Fact You’d Like to Share:  I enjoy quilting!

One of Your Favorite Websites and Why:  Pinterest. I use it for all aspects of my life. I can always find recipes (I think my largest board is my dessert recipes called “Get in my belly”).  I’m into DIY projects and I find health and beauty DIY there. My next big DIY project I want to do is make some outdoor patio furniture out of pallets.  I found the instructions on Pinterest.