Current Month Spotlight


Name:  Arlene Luna

Current Placement: Lunafest Committee, Chair-Elect

Years in the League:   This is my second active year.
Why You Joined: I joined the league because I was interested in joining an all female organization. I wanted to make friends with women in my neighborhood that care about the community we live in. The fact that the league is a training organization is another big reason why I joined. You volunteer, you meet great people and on top of all that you are part of an organization that trains its members. I’d say its a win-win all around!

What You Do Outside of the League:   I’m a professionally trained Chef who is currently working as a Personal Chef in Los Angeles. When I’m not working I like to venture out in search of new or old restaurants in and around Long Beach.

An Interesting Fact You’d Like to Share: I immigrated to Chicago from Mexico City 40 years ago this year! I think this is an interesting fact because most people assume I was born in the states. I’m also bilingual.

One of Your Favorite Websites and Why: I wish I could say I just have one. My favorite is probably Instagram. I love Instagram because I love looking at pictures. You can literally look at anything just by searching a name or hashtag. Sometimes I use Instagram to look for inspiration for work or inspiration to have a better day. It’s amazing how looking at a pretty picture can change your mood.