Current Month Spotlight


Name: Chrystal Cooledge (formerly Colbert)

Current Placement: Community Outreach Committee Chair
Years in the League:  One and a half years and counting!

Why You Joined:  I actually joined the league because I needed to practice driving.  Being from Chicago originally, I got my first driving license only four short years ago, and noticed that I had gotten into the terrible habit of only going to work and coming back home – back and forth ad infinitum without ever venturing from the same well worn path!  I needed to get out of that routine and practice driving to places within the Long Beach area so my co-worker, Louisiana Wermer, suggested that I join Junior League.    The League has helped me to get out of the house and feel more connected to the community than ever before!  I recently upgraded to a stick shift so if you see me on the roads, watch out!  I look forward to driving to all of the awesome Summer of Service events that the Community Outreach Committee has upcoming.  If you stop by an event, make sure to ask me how my driving is going.  It’s an ongoing process…


What You Do Outside of the League:  I am a high school math teacher for at-risk youths. I teach kids life skills and laugh when they want me to. I also try to use peer pressure to get kids to show their work on their math homework. I have a six hour workday. It’s a pretty good gig. I am currently working as the math department chair for the region and the lead teacher for my site.
An Interesting Fact You’d Like to Share:  I don’t like bugs of any kind. Yes, that includes butterflies and lady bugs.


One of Your Favorite Websites and Why:  I’m a huge fan of  When I needed to reteach myself calculus, I used this site.  I think it’s wonderful for helping students as well.