Cheli Nye, Nominating

Born and raised in St. Joseph, Michigan, Cheli joined the Junior League in 2009 to get involved in volunteering and explore the neighboring Long Beach community. She was told that she would really enjoy the women in the league and the experiences that she would have, and it couldn’t be more true.

In the twelve years since joining the JLLB, Cheli has received so much more out of the Junior League than she ever thought possible. The Junior League of Long Beach has given her many opportunities to develop her knowledge and skills as well as make an impact on the community.

Cheli holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the Michigan State University, a Masters in Arts in Educational Administration, and Doctor of Education Leadership.  Her professional experience includes over twenty-one years of working in education as a math teacher and school and county administrator.

In her free time, she loves reading, lifting weights, and exploring Los Angeles as if she were a tourist on vacation as well as diving into places only the locals know.